thread wonders

magic of String-Art

Below you will find a comparison of computer simulations and photos of real objects, made of wood, metal and polyester. Such simulations are computer-generated images that allow us to see and evaluate the intended end result of our work before we reach for the first thread. Each of the four image pairs shown below consists of a simulation and a photo of a material object, in random order. You can guess which is which. Unfortunately, there are no prizes for guessing correctly this time. ...because we ourselves do not remember which was which ;)

Finally, a small note for perfectionists - obviously the simulations are not 100% accurate. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the threads used by us are slightly shiny, and the appearance of such threads on the finished image can change significantly depending on the angle at which we look at them and the lighting conditions (angle of incidence, light scattering, etc.) Theoretically, it's possible to take all that into account, but in our opinion, the achievable effect will be meagre in relation to the amount of work that would have to be put into it. We put a limit to our perfectionism here ;)