thread wonders

magic of String-Art

People, especially their faces, are the main topic of our string-art artworks. Our source of inspiration could be photos of famous people - contemporary and historical, sometimes it is a movie frame, a drawing, a picture. We often take on the works of famous painters, incl. Jacek Malczewski and Tamara Łempicka. Animals can be another grateful subject, e.g. cats, dogs, but there are also inanimate, technical, sometimes even abstract objects.

We carry out custom-made works. Our technique of photorealistic string-art is still very little known, and thus an artwork created with the use of threads can be a truly extraordinary gift for our loved ones. Such a gift can be a great idea for almost any occasion - birthday, wedding, reunion and many others.

An image in the string-art technique can be a perfect element of interior design, regardless of its style - modern, classic, minimalist, our photorealistic string-art will find a place in practically every arrangement.