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magic of String-Art

If you like any of the works presented on our website or you want to order something custom-made, based on your design (photo, drawing, graphics, etc.) - write to us at the address given at the bottom of the page. We will try to answer you as soon as possible giving you all the important information such as costs, delivery time etc. If you just want to ask about something - also write to us, we will try to dispel any doubts.

How does it look like to order a painting according to your own design - if it is to be a portrait of your loved one, your own, your pet (dog, cat, horse, etc.) or something else, then of course we will need appropriate photos. Photos - plural, because our string-art technique has its own requirements and not every photo is suitable to create something meaningful. Some themes work great and others rather poorly, but it's hard to describe exactly what is suitable and what is not. That's why we ask you to provide us with several different shots of the portrayed character - let's say at least 3, and preferably 5 or more, so that we can choose from them those that will allow us to get the best final outcome. They don't have to be very high resolution images, it's enough to be more than about 500 pixels in width and height.

You can also order a portrait of a famous person such as a rock star, celebrity, genius scientist, actor, athlete, any real or fictional character, and maybe even ...a politician ;) Send us photos, as described above, although if it is a popular figure and their photos can be found on the Internet - then you can leave the search for suitable photos to us.

If, in addition to photos, you have e.g. a drawing, a painted picture, a graphic, etc. - you can also send them to us, maybe they will turn out to be useful. Of course, we are talking about sending computer files (jpg, png, gif), and not, for example, paper prints or a painting on canvas.

Once we have agreed the necessary details together and received the source images from you, we can begin the first stage of string-art creation, the development of the project. This involves creating a list with instructions specifying how the thread should be run, i.e. which nails should be connected, in what order, along with information as to which threads (color, thickness etc) are to be used. Creating such a project is quite tedious and time-consuming, it usually means several hours of joint effort of the human brain and the microprocessor, and the result is a list of instructions, consisting usually of about 10-15 thousand items.

Such a list will later be used in the implementation of our work in the material world, but first, using it, we will generate the so-called simulation. Simulation means a computer-generated image that as faithfully as possible represents the planned, final appearance of our work. How faithfully? compare and evaluate We will send you such a simulation for your approval. Sometimes it may happen that we send several versions of the simulation for you to choose from. Once you choose/approve the simulation, we start to transfer the virtual, computer project to the real world of boards, threads and nails. We will not describe here the boring details of how such a transfer process looks like, the most important thing is that we have it well practiced and it goes quite smoothly. Then there's quality control, packaging and shipping, and finally your job - hanging the picture on the wall.