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magic of String-Art

What is string-art?

It's a technique of creating paintings (sometimes even works of art) using a sewing thread, yarn, etc., that connects nails driven into a piece of board (or other solid material). Nails can create contours of the resulting image, which are then filled with thread - this is the most common form of string-art, known since the 17th century at least. Quite laborious, but relatively not so difficult - often such works are created even by children.

photorealistic string-art

Photorealistic string-art

The real breakthrough came around 2016. Greek Petros Vrellis took string-art to a higher level - nails form a circle and therefore do not take part in creating shapes, now only the thread is responsible for everything. The enormous number of connections, lines that are formed by the thread result in a photorealistic image, unlike the classic string-art, which gives more geometric shapes. in color in color

Petros Vrellis created paintings using only one thread type / color, then the final stage in the development of photorealistic string-art - the full color palette - was the accomplishment of a Russian marriage - Ani and Andrev Abakumov. It was they who inspired us to try our hand at this field. The task turned out to be really ambitious - as evidenced by the fact that so far only a few people in the world have tried to take up the subject of photorealistic, colorful string-art. You can see the effects of our struggles on this website.

Only thread

Please note that in our works only the thread is responsible for creating the entire picture. Nothing is painted underneath, we do not use any paints, dyes, etc. The only exception - sometimes we paint the background of the painting in a uniform, usually white color - this was the case of Elvis' portrait above.